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Disturbed - Evolution

A Sneak Peek...

"Disturbed's" seventh album was released on October 19, 2018, an album called "Evolution" and reflects it!

This is the band's first album that comes only in fourth place on Billboard and does not occupy first place, so it stops the conquest of first place on 5. The previous five albums all took first place on Billboard 200.

David Draiman called this album "Black Album" because it marks for him what Metallica went through on the black album, an evolution of a band that changes its style. We do not think the difference is as substantial as in Metallica, but there is indeed a change in style here.

Speaking of style... The band members said that for the recordings of the album they were inspired by classic rock albums they grew up on. Inspired, they tried to create freely, without restrictions, restraints, or instructions.

David said the sessions were very moving and sweeping, they brought with them a great emotional charge so they also decided to dedicate the album to two very close musicians who passed away, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Vinnie Paul (Pantera)

From the band's remarks at the time of the album's release:

"The record showcases the most adventurous and eclectic combination of musical styles and moods that we've ever attempted in our careers. Each song truly has its own identity, feel, and power."

We pampered you with the deluxe version so you can listen to Myles Kennedy joins the band for a live performance of "The Sound of Silence", to listen on: Spotify, Apple Music

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