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Disturbed - Asylum

A Sneak Peek...

Disturbed's fifth album "Asylum" was released on August 31, 2010.

This is the fourth consecutive album that put the band straight at number one on the Billboard 200.

On this album, David Draiman decided to go further and darker with the lyrics, but it also affected the music. In the songs, David shared experiences and especially messages on topics that are important to him and experiences he had in recent years.

Dan tried to calm it down a bit and saying in interviews before the release of the album that they are not trying to lead a protest or revolution movement but are definitely trying to get people to think and try to look at things a little differently.

In the period following the band's previous album, David went through a difficult period from which he drew inspiration for writing the lyrics. His wife left him, he was betrayed by his best friend, and in addition, he had to put his beloved dog for many years to sleep.

The first single from the album "Another Way to Die" talks about global warming and the use of the earth's resources to the point of non-existence. The third song on the album "The Infection" refers to David's depression, like a creature that eats you from the inside out.

One of the most famous and powerful songs for us as Jews is the song "Never Again" which refers to the Holocaust, especially to those who deny it and especially that it will never happen again. David is the grandson of a Holocaust survivor.

You probably now remember the founding moments when the band performed in Israel and David gave an exciting and sweeping patriotic show, let's remember together !!

The album was a bit of a musical change in the band's style but without a doubt retains its characteristics and presents the band on one of its talented, complex, and accurate albums !!

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