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Clive Burr

Today we will tell you about Clive Burr - a drummer who, despite his relatively short career, managed to inspire many good drummers.


1. He was born in London, England, on March 8, 1957 as Clive Ronald Burr.

2. One of the first bands he played in was "Maya", where he met bassist Chris Aylmer.

3. From there he will move to the band "Samson" according to Aylmer's recommendation.

4. He would record two singles with her, "Telephone" and "Mr Rock and Roll", but in 1978 he would leave the band.

5. He joined "Iron Maiden" on December 26, 1979 as a replacement for former drummer Doug Sampson. This happened shortly after the band released the mini-album "The Soundhouse Tapes"

6. Clive will participate in the recordings of the band's debut album "Iron Maiden" as well as the two following albums, "Killers" and "The Number Of The Beast".

7. He co-wrote only one song of the band that was released on an official album - "Gangland" taken from the album "The Number Of The Beast".

8. In addition, he co-wrote the song "Total Eclipse", which appeared as the B-side of the single "Run to the Hills".

9. Clive was fired from the band in 1982 during "The Beast on the Road tour". He was replaced by the band's current drummer, Nicko McBrain.

10. Burr said he was kicked out of the band after taking a break to mourn the death of his father. However, according to Bruce Dickinson's 2017 autobiography Clive was dismissed due to conflicts with Steve Harris.

11. After being fired from "Iron Maiden", Burr played for a short time in the French hard rock group "Trust", where Nicko McBrain also played with them and released the album "Marche ou Crève" in 1981.

12. Clive released two albums with the band "Trust IV" from 1983 and "Man's Trap" from 1984.

13. Clive also played for a short time in the American band "Alcatrazz", but hurried to leave it when he realized that the band was going to be based in the USA and not in England, his native country.

14. Clive later formed a band known as "Clive Burr's Escape", which later changed its name to "Stratus", in which there were former members of the band "Praying Mantis". They disbanded after releasing one album called "Throwing Shapes" in 1984.

(Photo: Virginia Turbett, Redferns/Getty Images)

15. In 1985 he founded the supergroup "Gogmagog" together with bassist Neil Murray, singer Paul Di'Anno and guitarist Pete Willis. The group released in 1985 an EP called "I Will Be There EP".

16. It is interesting to note that the guitarist Janick Gers will later join the group, who will later join "Iron Maiden" himself.

17. In 1988 he will join singer Dee Snider to form the group "Desperado". The band recorded an album called "Bloodied But Unbowed" that year, but due to problems with the record company it was not released until 1996.

18. Burr appeared with the British band "Elixir" and participated in two of their albums "Lethal potion" from 1990 and "Sovereign Remedy" from 2004.

19. He also collaborated with "Praying Mantis" during the 1990s and appeared on Praying Mantis' 1996 live album "Captured Alive in Tokyo City".

20. In the late 1990s, Clive was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, the treatment of which left him heavily in debt.

21. Over the years, the members of the band "Iron Maiden" staged a series of charity shows and were involved in the establishment of the Clive "Burr MS" trust fund, which was intended to help him.

22. The band even released on March 11, 2002 the single - "Run to the Hills" from their live album "Rock In Rio", when all proceeds from this single were donated to Clive Burr.

23. Clive died in his sleep on March 13, 2013 as a result of complications from the multiple sclerosis he suffered from.

24. Clive's drumming influenced many good drummers, such as Dave Lombardo, Charlie Benante, Dave McClain, and many others.

25. Even guitarist Jeff Waters noted that he was inspired by Clive's drumming when writing the drum parts for his band "Annihilator".

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