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Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire

It is one of the most successful albums of the band "Bullet for My Valentine", selling over 2 million copies, the album "Scream Aim Fire" was released on January 28, 2008.

The Welsh band that was a very significant part of the rock scene in Cardiff, England, pressed the clutch and shift to a higher gear on this album.

Their first album "The Poison" released in 2005 brought them recognition and relatively moderate success, all despite the fact that they were the open act for quite a few big bands, including Metallica and Guns and despite their excellent single "Tears Don't Fall". But this album that came out 3 years later was already something completely different.

On this album, whose name hints a lot on what's going on inside, the band puts a lot more aggression, speed, strong riffs and crazy transitions into their bubbling musical stew. If in the past, singer Matthew Tuck, who is also the band's lead writer and lead singer, expressed that they were mostly influenced by Metallica and Nirvana, then the previous album was Nirvana on Speed ​​and this album is Metallica on Speed. It is not for nothing that Lior has already stated in the first podcast that this band should have been Metallica's natural successor (yes, yes, he got a long monolog from David on that).

(Photo: Bullet For My Valentine)

The album gives almost no rest, even in the ballads and the "soft" songs it still maintains rhythm and power. A hurricane storm at a high km / h that occasionally slows down to refuel while in motion.

It feels that the band is a bit of a leap forward in terms of maturity and confidence. The songs sound solid and constructed properly, everything is produced smoothly and there are no loose edges. The rhythm division does an amazing job here as it holds the changes and transitions at these speeds and the guitars dance and connect rhythms to solos. The vocals ranges from not too aggressive growling to clean and good poetry with interesting and clever lyrics.

The theme song opens the album mercilessly and right at the first chorus it’s hard not to wave your hands in the air and roar the lyrics, a crazy rhythm with a break that lets you take a breath, fill the cartridge, get into shooting mode and keep suppressing fire.

Another interesting song that opens beautifully is "Hearts Burst Into Fire" which seems to give a bit of an insanely calm moment.

The tracks "Waking The Demon" and "Disappear" are two more great ones that continue the line of the first song with surprising elements of guitars and vocals.

The song "Say Good Night" is an excellent ballad reminiscent of the metal style of the eighties, which gives a slightly different scent to the album, but do not worry, it immediately return with the power and speed to "End Of Days".

The song that closes the album "Forever and Always" is a perfect ending.

If we talked about the band going through a process of maturity on this album, then the last song seems to put the stamp and give the band the seal of approval to join the major leagues and fill stadiums. A slightly slow and powerful ballad that feels like it was created for the big arenas, just before the end of the show when the band goes out to encore. An excellent and satisfying ending to a powerful and deadly album.

The album went straight to number four on the Billboard 200 and number five on the UK Albums Chart. The deluxe version of the album includes 4 more songs that are great on their own (and should have been included on the album), in addition it also came out in two DVD versions, one deluxe and the other Japanese, the versions include videos, photos, documentary and comics.

If this is your first acquaintance with them, we recommend listening to their next albums...

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