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Bare Dreams - Lost With All Hands

On July 1, 2021, we were introduced to "Bare Dreams" in an unforgettable show in the "Ozen Bar" club in Tel-Aviv.

Today we want to tell you about their second EP "Lost With All Hands" which was released on April 10, 2020, and was a leap forward for the band.

They released their first EP "Au Revoir" in 2018. Itai (vocals and guitars) said that this EP is a collection of songs composed from the inspirations of each of the band members. Each brought to the table his part and what started as an acoustic session with classical guitars and drums evolved into an electric EP consisting of six songs, all written and produced by the band members, with the help of Priel Horesh (the drummer of "Walkways").

To continue the momentum, the band members decided to record their second EP abroad, they looked for a suitable producer and found the English producer Neil D. Kennedy who worked with bands like "Creeper", "Milk Teeth", "Boston Manor" and more. They traveled far away to Southampton in England and recorded their second EP "Lost With All Hands".

This EP is actually a kind of turning point for the band, mainly because it was the first time they left Israel to do something related to their music.

Itai said, "The two weeks' stay in the studio brought us to know the guys from the band "Hangman" that we went on tour with and even brought to Israel to perform with us. The engagement with Neil during the recordings evolved to a strong friendship and business relation with him and his family, which lead to the creation of our debut album that supposes to come out in 2022."

The EP contains four songs written and recorded by the band. In January 2020, the band released the first single from the EP called 'Coffee Stains'.

The band members made connections with Neil and other bands that recorded at the same studios at the time. They were supposed to go on tour in England to promote the album, along with the English band MAYPINE, but the Corona crisis thwarted the plans.

It is important to note that the band members do everything themselves, like many artists in Israel, they collect each dollar and set themselves goals that they try to achieve, one after the other, whenever funding allows. Although the flights were canceled the band members found a way to perform the Pre-Production with the all-too-popular tool for 2020, the Zoom. On the first opportunity the skies opened they flew to Neil's recording studio "The Ranch" and worked on their debut album. Itai said that the connection with Neil was significantly strengthened during the work on the album in relation to the last EP. He and his Jewish wife (important to note) adopted the band members, supported them, and worked closely with them, to make this album the best it could be. The album is due out this year and we are looking forward to it !!!

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