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Alice In Chains - SAP

He's cute, small, and special, we mean the first EP of Alice in Chains released in 1992 - "SAP"

While the music from Seattle gained momentum, Alice was nominated for a Grammy (again) and their debut album "Facelift" sold more than half a million copies in its first year...

The band members went into the studio to record a song for the soundtrack of the movie "Singles" and at the same time start working on the next album.

The famous song that was recorded for the movie was "Would?" Which also appeared on the band's next album but in addition to this song they recorded 10 more songs. During the recordings, drummer Sean Kinney dreamed that the band was recording an EP called "SAP".

The band decided not to mess with fate and released five beautiful songs from the demos.

This is the first time the audience has heard the band with acoustic instruments, without the distortions and drums.

Two songs from the EP were performed at the band's phenomenal MTV Unplugged performance.

The album opens with the song "Brother" which Jerry Cantrell wrote on his younger brother David, Jerry wrote the song about the time he and his brother did not see each other for 7 years. When their parents divorced the brothers split up, Jerry moved in with his mother and his brother moved in with his father. This is the first time Jerry is the lead singer in the band's song. The last chorus of the song is joined by the amazing singer Ann Wilson from the band Heart, which gives the song a spectacular breeze !!

You were always so far away I know that pain, so don't you run away Like you used to do

The next song that was also performed at the same show was "Got Me Wrong", it came out as a single after his performance in the movie "Clerks" which brought even greater exposure to the album and the band's music. The song is written about the relationship between a man and a woman when one side fails to understand the other side.

I haven't felt like this in so long Wrong, in a sense too far gone from love That don't last forever Something's gotta turn out right

In the next song starring the "famous" due "Alice Mudgarden", you probably think we're kidding but no.

The song "Right Turn" features Chris Cornell from Soundgarden and Mark Arm from Mudhoney, bands that were very prominent in the music scene in Seattle. Jerry, Chris, and Mark, three amazing and moving voices with acoustic guitar, need nothing more than that and it's no wonder Jerry and Layne Staley insisted that the two participate in this EP. In the credits for the album they are not mentioned in their names but they get the nickname "Alice Mudgarden". The song is about a relationship that fell apart between a man and a woman when they both do not understand why there was a breakup and suffer from it.

Now we're as low as we can get Can't leave and can't forget We ain't right, we ain't right Not right, we ain't right

The fourth and final song (there is also a hidden song) is "Am I Inside", it is also the only song on the album that Layne wrote and here too the amazing Anne Wilson joins. Already in the opening words one feels the gloomy and deep writing of Layne.

Surrounded by empty souls Artificial courage used And because so, once was mine I walk this maze alone

The hidden song (and good for that) on the album is "Love Song", it is a collection of varied noise with swelling, burping, shouting and distortion mowing when someone in the background is angry and shouts loudly about his lover in a megaphone and it ends with a gentle piano playing. It could have been dropped because it is in no way suitable for the album's atmosphere.

Wash my face, cut out my teeth and tell me to grin My gums are bleeding! My gums are bleeding!

Alice reveals for the first time their spectacular instrumental abilities and their soft side, we think this is one of the biggest bands in unplugged performance in general.

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