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Alice In Chains - Live

A Sneak Peek...

On December 5, 2000, Alice In Chains' only live album, simply called "Live", was released.

True, we did not forget that one of the band's biggest albums is the masterful album MTV Unplugged, but now we refer to an album where the band is immortalized exactly the way they sounded on stage.

In fact, this is a compilation album that includes recordings of the band from a number of performances in a chronological order, starting with the opening song "Bleed the Freak" recorded at the famous Seattle Moore Theater on December 22, 1990 and featuring Mike Starr on bass, through a collection of songs recorded on March 2, 1993 In Glasgow Barrowland, Scotland, and up to the five songs that sign the album, which were recorded during Layne Staley's last two performances with the band, which were held on two consecutive nights on July 2-3, 1996.

It is interesting to note that the album includes the song "Queen of the Rodeo" which was not released on any of the band's official studio albums.

This album is an important historical document and not just due to the fact that it includes tracks from Layne's recent performances with the band. This album gives us a chance to be impressed by the band's amazing abilities and especially by the vocal performances of Layne and Jerry Cantrell who prove to us that they sound great and know how to combine harmonies perfectly, even over a prism guitar screen, drum beats and audience roars.

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