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The Doors - Last Show With Jim Morrison 12/12/70

On December 12, 1970, "The Doors" made its final show with Jim Morrison.


The show took place at a time when the band was recording their latest studio album with Morrison - "L.A. Woman." In parallel with the recordings, the band held warm-up shows in which they introduced the audience to some of the new songs from the upcoming album.

As is well known, the band largely lost its popularity following the infamous 1969 performance in Miami, where Morrison insulted the audience and undressed in public, until his arrest on stage. With the release of the critically acclaimed "Morrison Hotel" album in the early 1970's, the band's popularity seemed to be on the rise again.

However, five days after Jim Morrison's 27th birthday, the band shows up at "The Warehouse," the most important showroom in New Orleans and the entire southern United States, unaware that this is going to be their last show in the four-part classic lineup.

(Photo: The Doors In Pictures on Facebook)

At the end of that evening, Jim Morrison seemed completely off. Towards the end of the show, which featured several new songs including "Riders On The Storm", the legendary singer sat down on stage and slammed the microphone on the floor to the sound of huge feedback, until the wooden floor began to crackle. Keyboardist Ray Manzarek later said he could actually see Morrison's energy leaving his body.

After that, the band returned to finish recording the album "L.A. Woman" and Morrison left the US to live in Paris where he also died at the age of 27.

The setlist played in the last show:

1 – Roadhouse Blues

2 – Back Door Man

3 – Love Her Madly

4 – When the Music’s Over

5 – Riders on the Storm (Aborted)

6 – Ship of Fools

7 – Crawling King Snake

8 -L.A. Woman

9 – Hyacinth House

10 – Maggie M’Gill

11 – Been Down So Long / “Maggie M’Gill” continued

12 – I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man

13 – Who Do You Love?

14 – There’s a Palace in the Canyon

15 – Light My Fire

16 – Summertime / Instrumental/”Light My Fire” continued)

17 – Love Me Two Times

18 – Riders on the Storm

19 -Soul Kitchen

20 – The End

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