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The Beatles - A Hard Days Night

On June 26, 1964, The Beatles' third album, "A Hard Day's Night", was released in the United States (and two weeks later in England).

Almost at the same time, a film of the same name was also released, starring the Fabulous Four.

The name of the album (and the film) came from a remark that Ringo Starr accidentally said to the director of the film.

This is the Beatles' first album in which they wrote all the songs themselves, without any cover versions.

The album featured 13 original tracks (with differences between the British and American versions) including the theme song "A Hard Day's Night", which opens up with the famous chord of George Harrison's 12-string guitar, "I Should Have Known Better", "I'll Be Back", "And I Love Her", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Things We Said Today", "You Can't Do That" and more.

The album and film were released at the height of "Beatlemania" and are intended to create a classic image of a famous and successful rock band "The Beatles", with the film showing what a typical day in the life of the fabulous four looks like, with the band members starring as themselves.

The aura presented by the film around the members of "The Beatles" made many young people want to be like them and led to the growth of many rock bands on both sides of the ocean.

Active bands were also greatly influenced by the album and the film, for example, "The Byrds", which until that time was a folk band and changed its style towards rock and roll to resemble the Fab Four.

The album also opened the door to the US, for other British bands such as "The Rolling Stones", "The Kinks" and "The Animals", who owe their success in the US to "The Beatles".

On the day of the film's premiered, "The Beatles" flew from London to their hometown of Liverpool, to be greeted at the airport by a huge crowd of about 3,000 fans who screamed and shouted,.

The screening itself was attended by about 200,000 fans who were very proud of the fact that "The Beatles" that came from their hometown managed to create a revolution all over the world.

At the end of the film premiere, "The Beatles" members were taken to a balcony that overlooked the fans who flocked outside the venue, While the fab four were on the porch waving goodbye to their fans, the gang's bad boy, John Lennon waved his hand as if it was a Nazi salute. Luckily the unusual event did not create harsh criticism. Remember John Lennon got more entangled in his remark that "The Beatles" are more famous than Christ.

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