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John Lennon

The talented musician John Lennon who was born on October 9, 1940, has greatly influenced music and the whole world in so many and varied ways !!


We would like to tell you some interesting facts about him:

1. When he was only 5 years old his father left home and his mother handed him over to her sister, "Mimi", who is known for saying over and over again to John: "The guitar's all right John, but you'll never make a living out of it."

2. His last appearance was with Elton John in Madison Square Garden. During the show, the two sang the songs together: "Whatever Gets You Through The Night", "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "I Saw Her Standing There".

3. On the morning of the day of his murder he signed his album "Double Fantasy" to a fan named Mark David Chapman, the same fan who murdered him that evening.

4. During the Beatles' tour he liked to play the game "Monopoly".

(Photo: John Pratt)

5.. John and Yoko hired a communicator (psychic) ​​who guided them in their business decisions. He earned just like their accountants and lawyers.

6. John asked that the cover of the album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely-Hearts Club Band" also feature the figure of Jesus and Adolf Hitler, but the rest of the band refused his request.

7. The first instrument John learned to play was the harmonica.

8. John's dentist, John Riley, introduced him to LSD when he put a pill in his coffee without noticing during a meal. Bob Dylan was the one who introduced him to marijuana.

9. In 1967 John purchased a small island called Dorinish off the coast of Ireland, at a cost of £1,700.

10. George Harrison was John's roommate during the tour.

11. The first time Yoko met John she did not even know he was part of the Beatles.

(Photo: Iain Macmillan)

12. Only during his adult life did John discover that he had dyslexia.

13. Before the band's tour in Japan, he studied Japanese for six weeks at the "Berlitz" language school in Manhattan.

14. John is the only member of the "Beatles" who has not become fully vegetarian. All the other "Beatles" yes.

15. When asked once what is the song with the best lyrics of the songs he wrote he replied: "All You Need Is Love" ".

(Photo: "Walls and Bridges" photo sessions)

16. When John received his driver's license, in February 1965, a number of luxury car dealerships began parking their cars in front of his home, hoping to be able to sell him a car.

17. His first band was "The Quarrymen". Since they had no rehearsal room, they wandered from place to place and played mostly in the bathroom at John's house.

18. John's eyesight was so impaired that he was legally considered blind without glasses. During the Beatles, he was ashamed to wear glasses and mostly used lenses.

19. In 1971, when John moved to New York, the FBI opened a case called "John Lennon" and investigated every aspect of John's life. They researched his works, his daily routine, his actions, and all this to find a reason to expel him from the United States, for fear that he had come to incite American youth.

20. John used to drink about 30-20 cups of tea and coffee a day.

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