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Testament - The New Order

On May 4, 1988 "Testament" released their second album "The New Order".

Although the band proved their abilities already on the debut album "The Legacy", it was their second album, "The New Order" which finally established them as one of the best thrash metal acts proving that they deserve to be included among the big bands of thrash metal, if you want (and without Insult the other 4) a member of the "Big 5".

The album showcases the high abilities of the band members, especially the lead guitarist Alex Skolnick who combines memorable solos and riffs alongside exceptional melodies, and lead singer Chuck Billy who demonstrates animalistic, energetic, and strong vocals, which sometimes reminds us of James Hetfield.

A large number of the album's songs have been played in the band's concerts over the years and to date, proving that this is indeed a "classic" thrash metal album, including: The Ultimate "mosh pit" Anthem "Into the Pit" and the theme song "The New Order" both also played in the band's performance in Israel in 2018, "Disciples of the Watch", which is one of the band's most-played songs ever and of course "The Preacher" and "Trial by Fire".

One of the songs you can find on the extended versions of the album, is a cover version of "Aerosmith's" "Nobody's Fault", which is said to be carefully surpassed even by the original.

The album ends with a melodic and very special instrumental - "Musical Death (A Dirge)" which at times is reminiscent of the beautiful moments of the virtuoso guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen.

Overall this is one of the band's great albums recommended for any "metalhead".

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