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Testament - Demonic / Slayer -Diabolus in Musica

A Sneak Peek...

And this time ... what happens when the cosmos interferes with album recordings ..

Apparently there is something about 9.6 that makes things go a bit wrong, just like the inverted "mirror script" digits (6-9), which flow in opposite directions ....

It so happened that on this day two giants thrash metal released, a year apart, "experimental" albums, which deviated from the DNA that characterized them.

The first was "Testament" which in 1997 released "Demonic", it seventh studio album that included a darker sound that pulled towards Groove and Death Metal, with songs like "John Doe" and "Hatreds Rise".

A year later, "Slayer" releases "Diabolus in Musica", the band's eighth studio album, with nu-metal influences and groove-metal elements. It was the band's first album in which the guitars were tuned down in a non-standard C♯ tuning, that in a way that influenced the sound and overall vibe of the album. Most of the material for the album was written by guitarist Jeff Hanneman who said that at the time of writing he was just looking to beat something.

Is it a coincidence or a cosmic intervention related to a date? You will judge.

Testament - Demonic: Spotify, Apple Music

Slayer -Diabolus in Musica: Spotify, Apple Music

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