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Tenacious D - The Who Medley

(Almost) Friday Release #142

They stated that they have been working on this medley for 20 years, Is that so? It seems to us that they dreamed of performing "The Who" in such a good and entertaining way for 20 years, even though it was part of their setlists since 2019.

But why does it really matter? "Tenacious D" throws on us the cool cover version that incorporates a medley of three pieces from the "Tommy" rock opera by "The Who" and it's beautiful, and it's exciting and it's entertaining...

This is the band's first release after the 2018 "Post-Apocalypto" album and after the tribute they made to the cult film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", with the single "Time Warp", released in 2020.

"The Who"'s cover medley includes the songs "Pinball Wizard," "There's A Doctor," and "Go To The Mirror!", All from the masterpiece album "Tommy" and it will be released as a single with all profits going to "Everytown For Gun Safety", In In Support Of Gun Control.

This time too, the single is accompanied by a cool and funny video clip with tributes to the original film "Tommy". The producer of the video clip is an old friend, who collaborates with the duo almost regularly Liam Lynch and also directed the band's cult film from 2006, "The Pick Of Destiny".

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