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Television - Marquee Moon

Editor's Choice...

And this time... "Marquee Moon" by "Television", which was released on February 8, 1977.

This is the band's debut album. It's considered one of the influential albums on the development of Alternative Rock, Punk, Indie and even New Wave genres.

"Television" is an American band from New York. They formed in 1973 and was among the leaders in the Punk scene of the 70s in New York. The band has performed regularly at the legendary "CBGB" Club in New York since 1974, and has slowly built a fan base that has caught the eye of the "Electra" record label.

Although the band's style and album genre are defined under the Punk, the band has concocted an ingenious musical mix that is far beyond that, to the point that it simply cannot be cataloged. If the idea of Punk was to create simple, uncomplicated music, with a basic musical structure, which does not include more than two or three chords, then "Television" took it a few steps further and fused into their music motifs of Classical Rock, Jazz, Psychedelia, Garage and Avant-Gard.

But the dissonance between the band's definition under Punk and the album's content, does not end there. Most of the songs on this album are songs of over 5 minutes, with the theme song exceeding 10 minutes. Just a perfect antithesis to Punk genre.

It's also an album based on guitars, not those of two three basic "power cords", but of melodic playing, guitar lines and solos of two talented and virtuoso guitarists, which make this album the best guitar album the Punk scene has ever known (if it sticks to the definition anyway). The collaboration of Richard Lloyd and Tom Verlaine is simply divine, they swap guitar roles, cross guitar lines and solos, share melodies and produce twin harmonies.

It is very difficult even impossible to define the style of the album. It is unique, special and different from anything else. It has won many accolades from both, fans and critics and received a perfect score from each and every one of the various magazines and rankings sites. "Rolling Stone", "Q Magazine", "Mojo", "Sputnikmusic", "Allmusic" and more, all gave this album a 5/5 score.

"Marquee Moon" influenced bands such as "Sonic Youth", "REM", "Pixies", "Echo & the Bunnymen" and even "Joy Division", where the excellent guitar work in it was a role model for guitarists like The Edge, John Frusciante and many more.

This album is also on the "Rolling Stone magazine" top 500 album list.

And now you just have to listen to it: Spotify, Apple Music

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