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Pixies - Surfer Rosa

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And this time the Pixies' "Surfer Rosa", released on March 21, 1988.

This is a groundbreaking album that changed the face of alternative rock and influenced many bands and artists in the 1990s. Artists like Billy Corgan and P.J. Harvey and bands like "Blur," "Bush," "Radiohead," "Dinosaur Jr.," "Nirvana" and even the Israeli "Mashina", said it was one of the inspirations that influenced them.

Not for nothing did Thom York from "Radiohead" pointed out that this is the sexiest record he has ever heard. It is no coincidence that Kurt Cobain admitted that the "Pixies" were his great inspiration and that the album "Nevermind" was an attempt to copy the melodies of the "Pixies". Sound strange to you? If you listen to the song "River Euphrates," for example, you will understand.

Cobain will later also work with Steve Albini - the album's producer - in an attempt to sound like the "Pixies", in the album "In Utero". Even David Bowie was a big fan of this album and of the "Pixies" and recorded his cover version for the song "Cactus", which he released in 2002 as part of the album "Heathen".

Just two months after the release of the mini-album "Come On Pilgrim", in December 1987, the band entered the studio to record this musical marvel, which was recorded within 10 days and has a minimum production cost of $ 10,000.

(Photo: Rob Verhorst / Redferns)

Producer Steve Albini earned only $ 1,500 and refused to accept royalties for his work, but his impact on production was amazing.

Albini came up with the idea to move the recording equipment to the bathrooms in the studio, to record Kim Deal's vocals in the songs "Gigantic" and "Where Is My Mind?"He was the one that transmitted Black Francis' vocals through a guitar amplifier in the song "Something Against You" in order to achieve an immature and rough sound. These were some of his little tricks and ideas that gave "Surfer Rosa" the added value needed to make it an album that left such a big mark and influenced almost every alternative band in the 1990s.

The album's musical style is a blend of Classic Rock, Punk, Noise, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, "Surfer Rock" and even Pop. Quiet-noisy dynamics. A mix of soft acoustic and rough electric, heavy and fast sections alongside light and slow parts.

The music does not sound like anything that came out at that time, the writing is uncompromising, kicking, and uncensored. In short a must-have album!

So if you do not know this album yet, do yourself a favor and listen to it now: Spotify, Apple Music.

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