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Stone Temple Pilots - High Rise (EP)

A Sneak Peek...

On October 8, 2012, "High Rise", the only "Stone Temple Pilots" EP with Chester Bennington was released.

This is the band's first EP and also the first official release with their "temporary" singer Chester Bennington. He is not considered one of the band members but as an addition, in the credit of the album it says: "Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington".

In February 2013, three members of the STP band fired singer, songwriter, and founder Scott Weiland. Weiland who claimed to have seen his dismissal through a newspaper article decided to fight back. Several months of legal battles between the band members froze its activities until the members reached an agreement that allowed the band to continue without Scott.

The three remaining friends decided to turn to a young guy whose biggest dream was to be part of a famous grunge band he admired so much. Chester Bennington of course embraced the offer with both hands and the quartet made their debut at the event of the famous radio station KROQ in May 2013.

(Photo: Chapman Baehler)

Since all parties were not clear if this collaboration is long-term, they were in no hurry to enter the studio to work on a full studio album. Chester said they decided to take the whole thing, step by step and not jump ahead.

They chose to start with an initial "soundcheck" so they could hear how they sound together. They went into the studio and recorded only five songs that came out as an EP called "High Rise".

Two years later Chester decided he wanted to focus on "Linkin Park" so he left STP. A month later Scott Weiland was found dead on his Tour Bus, during his solo tour.

Two years later STP announced that they had found a new singer and added Jeff Gutt as their lead vocalist. In March 2018 they released their first album with Jeff and gave it the band name.

A New Beginning!

Listen to the EP on: Youtube, Apple Music

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