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Staind - Break the Cycle

Editor's Choice...

This is the breakthrough album of the band "Staind"!!!

The band's third and most successful album to date was a breakthrough and exposed it to the mainstream. The album was an international success as it topped the charts in the UK, New Zealand, and other countries, in the US it took first place for three weeks in a row and remained for many weeks in the top ten of the Billboard 200.

5 huge singles have been released from the album, each one stronger and more emotional than the last. "It's Been Awhile", "Fade", "Outside", "For You" and "Epiphany"

The band that grew up in the Nu-Metal genre proves in this album that it has other sides, soft, acoustic, and exciting sides alongside strong, rough, and jarring sides.

Their next album will have even more power with this side.

The success of the album started long before it came out, sounds delusional but so it was...

In 1999 during the "Family Values ​​Tour" in which "Limp Bizkit" participated among the other bands, Limp singer Fred Durst who was very attached to Aaron Lewis and the band, brought Aaron to the stage.

Then something magical happened !! Aaron performed the song "Outside" and swept the huge crowd in the stadium, despite his relatively "off" stage presence he managed, with the help of his voice and lyrics to move the entire crowd.

The improperly recorded live version became a hysterical hit and aired non-stop on all radio stations, exposing the young band to millions of listeners.

Feel free to listen to the excellent album on Spotify, Apple Music

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