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Silverchair - Frogstomp

Sneak Peek...

"Silverchair's" debut album "Frogstomp" was released on March 27, 1995.

The three members of the band were only 15 years old when they released this album under the Australian record label "Murmur", named after "R.E.M.'s" first album.

The album was recorded in live form in the studio with no further productions or computer adaptations, except a clean analogy of music that went into the console and came out on disc.

The name of the album is taken from the name of a pop song that Daniel Johns saw on the back of an album collection of pop songs from the 60s.

The album garnered a lot of harsh reviews for trying to emulate "Pearl Jam" or "Nirvana" in a very bad way, although some praised the confidence of the three to create a shameless "imitation" album.

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