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Porcupine Tree - Harridan

A new song for "Porcupine Tree", the first in 12 years !! Released in close proximity to Steven Wilson's birthday today !!!

After completing a tour supporting the album "The Incident" in 2010, "Porcupine Tree" went on an indefinite hiatus and since then Steven Wilson has focused on his solo career as the rest of the band began working on other projects. In the years since Wilson has repeatedly stated that he is not expecting when the band will return to work together. In 2018 he looted a possible comeback. However, in January of this year Wilson has already stated that the band will probably do something one day, only he does not know when, so the new single holds us in complete surprise.

The single called "Harridan" is the first from a new album called "Closure / Continuation" which is due out on June 24, 2022. It will be the band's first album since "The Incident" from 2009.

The song is a little over eight minutes long and includes everything we already knew from this amazing band. Strong dynamics, rhythm changes, strong riffs combined with quiet and melodic sections and this time also funky bass that sits on tribal rhythms.

The new song and other songs from the album were played by the band shortly after the release of The Incident. Wilson says that at first they were kept on a hard drive in a computer file that grew slowly and was marked PT2012, then renamed to PT2015 and later to PT2018 and so on. He added that there were times that even the band forgot they were there.

It should be noted that the recordings for the album ended in September 2021. The band's lineup dropped to three: Steven Wilson, Richard Barbieri and Gavin Harrison, with Colin Edwin not joining the reunion and Steven Wilson also playing bass in his place.

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