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Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam

The band's eighth album came out 4 years after "Riot Act" which came out in 2002, the album was named by fans as the "The Avocado Album".

During that time the band completed their tour in South and North America, as well as Eddie Vedder, had a newborn child. These two brought the band to a sort of hiatus, during that time neither of them actually wrote new material.

The band convened in February 2005 to begin work on the next album which was the first time since the "VS" album was released in 1993, the band arrives without any songs prepared for the studio recordings.

The work on the album was done in a “democratic” way as Eddie recounted, with none of them coming up with anything ready but just ideas for riffs and rhythms. They all worked together on all of the songs.

McCready said that when they met they were full of creative energies and the connection between them was better than ever, so much so that they wrote close to 25 songs of which 13 were selected for the album. The band chose mostly the more rhythmic and kicking songs than the weak and quiet ones. Eddie said he wrote about 7-8 different lyrics for each song, what a creative spirit !!

Some say this album is a return to the band's beginning, back to the roots with a focus on rhythmic songs with a rough sound, kicking riffs, and melodic sound. The album released three very successful singles: "World Wide Suicide", "Life Wasted" and "Gone."

The album conquered the Billboard charts and reached number two.

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