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Of Mice & Men - Restoring Force

Editor's Choice...

This is the third album by the band "Of Mice & Men" which was released on January 24, 2014, it can be said that it is the band's best album before the transformation and the big change.

After the release of their second album "The Flood", in 2011, the band underwent a significant change.

The band members saw their clean vocalist and guitarist/bassist Shayley Bourget break down to pieces in front of them as a result of depression and alcoholism. In an emotional appeal to the band's fans on YouTube, he announced that he was leaving because he felt he was degrading the rest of the band.

The band added Alan Ashby as another guitarist who also served as bassist and intended to turn the formidable roaring Austin Caralile into the lead singer. During the album promotional tour, he was joined by a "nerd" bassist named Aaron Pauley who will soon turn from a cute little lion cub into a crazy roaring beast on steroids to become the band leader.

After completing a tour to promote the second album, the band entered a recording studio in New Jersey and began work on the third album. Pauley very quickly took a significant part in writing, creating, and singing on the album, what started during the tour became official at the end and Pauley took on the role of the Clean vocalist.

This album is very high on our list of exploding materials!! It is deadly, powerful, uncompromising, and aggressive like the Vikings on their way to Valhalla !! It starts with a hydrogen bomb as Austin announces "Public Service Announcement" it continues with the first combination between the two singers, Austin and Pauley, an amazing combination in "Feels Like Forever". We have not yet taken a breath and we are already breaking into the most powerful song on the album "Bones Exposed", a school of dynamics, an exploding melody, and a sound of drums and guitars that will break your "exposed bones". The album continues with the excellent "Would You Still Be There", and the strong "Glass Hearts" and then we get the soft part of the rising star, Pauley, in the song "Another You" and continues one after the other, each song is a cluster bomb that is part of a big thing!!

This is the penultimate album of Austin who falls ill with a rare disease and leaves the band after the next album "Cold War". From there Pauley takes the reins and becomes a dominant singer and leader who takes the band to two more powerful, aggressive, and heavier albums than anything the band has performed up to that point.

You are welcome to listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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