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Nice To Know You...Sinnery

Band Members:

Alon Karneali: Vocalist and backing guitar

Idan Kringle: Lead Guitar

Saar Tobi: Bass guitar

Liam Payne: Drums

(Photo: Or Shenkerman)

In 2013, a group of motivated and aggressive 17-16-year-olds went down to the musty basement of a music store in Herzliya and recorded their first demo. Well, "recorded" is perhaps a bit of an exaggerated word for the circumstances, since the entire "recording" was done using the cell phones of the band members on a laptop of one of their friends.

Almost a decade later, Alon Karneali (vocalist and backing guitar) and Idan Kringel (lead guitar) will tell us that it was an amateurish and shocking step, but at the same time necessary for the band's progress in the right direction. Don't get us wrong, this underground recording (we couldn't find a better way to describe it) didn't stop the band members from feeling like "rockstars", with their every guitar riff sounding like a masterpiece that belongs in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They recorded the demo and burned it on CDs, on which they stick the band's logo. Dreams come true!!!

This was their first significant step as a band and from here they began to work their way up with a lot of investment, hard work, and great love for music.

They handed out the burned CDs with the band's logo at the shows. Shows...?

Wherever there was a flyer with an available space they would put their logo on and go up to perform. They approached every band from the Israeli metal scene, known more or less, with the aim of being an opening act or even a small part of the set, just to get a chance to perform, to reach another ear, another audience. North, South, it doesn't matter where. Loading the gear, traveling, and performing!!

Along with the hard work on the stages and on the road, the band members continued to write more new material.

In 2016, the band already felt ready to release something and an EP was planned for it. When they came with the intention of recording the EP, Yuval Kramer, a musician, VP at "Kramer Electronics" and owner of a recording studio (we will mention him later), convinced the young group to record a full album. Kringel brought a few more riffs and the band was ready to go in and record their debut album.

"Ready" is perhaps a little exaggerated, because the band members said that the recording of the debut album was very strange.

Parts of songs were written while recording, and ideas came in abundance but they didn't know how to record them or how to process them into songs or even sketches. The process was very difficult for them mainly because they did not know how to deal with it. To this day they are sure that many good songs and ideas were lost during the recordings. The rule was that if a riff sounded good then it was "remembered". how? Good question...

Despite the lack of experience and the good materials that were lost along the way, the band managed to write materials that were enough for a full album, the debut album. They entered the basement again, this time of a recording studio called "IScream Studios" in Ramat-Gan which was operated by Eli Picover. Eli believed in them and supported them throughout the process. He took four inexperienced kids and taught them everything they need to know when going into a recording studio and accompanied them through the entire recording process.

On May 6, 2016 "Sinnery" released her debut album: "A Feast Of Fools".

On 07/21/2016, the band held a celebratory launch performance at the Ha'Ezur club in Tel Aviv in celebrating the release of their debut album, a performance that its members will testify is one of the defining moments in the band's short history.

The show was almost sold-out with more than 300 people filling the club. Karniali and Kringle said that until then they had not seen anything like it. In all their previous shows, several dozen people came and suddenly they stood on a stage and saw the club Ha'Ezur fully packed. A crowd that came especially to see them. Not as an opening act, not as part of a mini-festival or set.

It was a huge moment for them, but it didn't end there. The band started the show and found that all these people standing in front of them, these people who had bought a ticket with their best money, were roaring all the words to the songs from the album they had just released. It was undoubtedly a big and powerful event for all the band members.

An interesting story: bassist Sa'ar Tobi, who joined the band shortly before, says that about an hour and a quarter into the set, the band members were already exhausted. Then, he suddenly decided to answer the chants of the enthusiastic audience who roared "we want more" with an interesting answer - "you want to hear a new song"? The other members of the band, totally exhausted, looked at Sa'ar with surprised looks and did not understand what just happened. They didn't plan or rehearse the song, but if Sa'ar promised then it must be fulfilled and the band performed the song "Hanged From the Sun", a song that will eventually include as a bonus track on the band's second album.

The launch show was a defining moment when they realized they had something good on their hands. They realized that this thing should now be taken seriously and invested everything they have in it because they got approval from the audience. They got confirmation that people love what they do. Here is the place to point out that Sa'ar's joining the band, right before the launch show, was a significant addition to the turning point, because he was the one who pushed them to decide that they were going for it with all their strength no matter what!

About a month after that unique show, the band members fulfilled another dream. They performed as an opening act for the band "Betzefer" in a club that for them is mythological, the "Barbie" club in Tel Aviv.

It was their first show at the club, a show that opened their eyes and became a goal and an ambition that will soon come true!

(Photo: Avihai Levy)

It didn't end there, because right before that show the band signed with the label "Pitch Black Records" from Cyprus, and shortly after the show, without any prior preparation, they found themselves on a plane on the way to a show in Cyprus. It was a year where they did things they never imagined they would do, but no doubt dreamed about.

After they signed with the label, the members of "Sinnery" realized that it was time to push forward and work on the second album. They contacted Yuval Kramer (remember him?) in order to book him as a producer for the album. They met him for the first time when they were 16 years old when Yuval was the guitarist and producer of a band called "Dark Serpent". Yuval always spoke in their language. Even then he treated these children, who came to pester him with all kinds of questions, very seriously. He really embraced them. He would come to their rehearsals from early morning, sit with them for long conversations into the night and give them advice, ideas, and perspectives they hadn't thought of.

The members of "Sinnery" really wanted to bring him in as a kind of fifth member of the band and he took this role fully during the production of the second album. He went into all the intricacies and depths of the creative process with them, whether it was in dynamics, sound, and even lyrics. His goal was to get all the emotions of the band and put them on the record.

But wait a second, let's take a step back...

It can be said that the journey to "Sinnery"'s second album, which was named "Black Bile", started back in 2016, with Sa'ar and the song "Hanged From the Sun". Immediately after that, they started working on new music, with the creative process being influenced by various bands they listened to during the period. Their musical influences have expanded over the years, but it can be said that bands like "Gojira", "Trivium", "The Hunted", "Behemoth" and "Decapitated" have been given a dominant place in the playlist of the band members and have been particularly influential on them. In these years the band went through a process of maturation, just like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. The bands they were listening to at that time changed, and Kringle went into writing more deeply, but there was a feeling of a journey of development and formation of the musical identity of the whole band. As a visual example of the musical development, you can even see the change that the band's logo underwent.

(Photo: Or Shenkerman)

The band members described the writing process for "Black Bile" as distinctly discontinuous.

Writing for a short period, such as intervals, intense writing for a short period, a short break, and intensive writing again. There is no specific method, no law. Sometimes the words come first, sometimes the riffs, sometimes a certain rhythm but in this album, especially in the second part, Alon preferred to write the words only after the music was finished perfectly.

They said that the creative process also underwent development and disillusionment.

The band members have developed a different look at music, understanding that it is part of a language that should eventually penetrate the listener's heart. They started thinking about how they as a band can convey their emotions, feelings, and frustrations through music and songs. How would they like to feel as listeners hearing the songs they wrote for the first time. They wrote quite a few songs that were abandoned because they felt that the emotions didn't manage to come through well in them, that it just didn't happen there. If they felt there was a riff or a section that was strong enough, they would take it and try to build a song around it, but of course, it didn't always work out. They had many experiences and explorations until they found exactly what they felt was right, what they felt conveyed their feelings and emotions in the best way.

Before entering the recordings, they worked on all the songs independently, occasionally sending the materials to Yuval for consultation. By the time they started recording Yuval already knew all the songs, riffs, and lyrics from all directions. He would help them regulate, change, correct, and polish the songs until they got the final outcome.

They held the recordings in "Libra Studio", Yuval's private studio in Mevaseret, which is located in the basement of his house. It turned out, that while the members of the band unleashed destructive attacks on their instruments in the basement, on the floor above them, a quiet family was eating dinner.

After they worked on all the songs and finished them almost completely, they went in, individually to record their part on the album. Each instrument was recorded separately throughout all the songs on the album, until the end. Of course, even though the songs were already polished and done by the time they started recording, there were still things that changed while recording in the studio. Yuval insisted on limiting the number of people present at the recordings, to allow the band member who was recording to enter the atmosphere and be focused on the recording. Yuval was of the opinion that the same member who came in to record was "the king". It was his moment, his moment of creation and the performance should be without interruptions and without three additional opinions. The band members said that the atmosphere during the recordings was amazing, creative, positive, and serious.

It is interesting to discover that this album was actually recorded three times. For the first time, the band members wrote, created, and recorded at home a full song from start to finish. The second time they brought the materials to Yuval and then changed, repaired, polished, and improved. The third time they recorded each instrument separately and this is what ended up on the album.

The mix and mastering for the album were done by Matt Hyde from London, a well-known figure in the metal scene who produced, engineered, and mixed for bands such as "Slipknot", "Trivium", "Machine Head" and more. They found it through Google. Yes, you heard right. They knew who they wanted from other albums he made, looked him up on Google, and contacted him.

The work on "Black Bile" was finished at the beginning of 2020, right before the coronavirus broke out!!

But then, along with the whole world and especially the music industry, the band members also suffered a huge impact. All of their plans got a sudden braking with all four wheels. They had a "hot potato" in their hand and they didn't know what to do with it.

A full and perfect album that they were proud of creating but they were very worried about the timing of its release. They didn't feel it was right to release the new material when the whole world was in uncertainty, but there wasn't a rehearsal or a meeting of the band where they didn't have the strong desire to do something already. Release some song, share some teaser, anything. It burned in their veins and fired their brains, that the album on which they worked so hard, the album that presents the new, cohesive, and mature identity of the band, sat on the shelf.

Then, to channel the frustration, the band members decided to use the time to "arm up". They spent their energies on everything needed around the album: the design of the album cover, booklet, promotional photos, posters, shirts, stickers, music video shoots, and everything that can be done to be ready for the show.

And finally, it happened. The album "Black Bile" was officially released on September 16, 2022.

(Photo: Eyal Pe'er)

On February 11, 2023, "Sinnery" will have a closure at the "Barbie" club in Tel Aviv with a particularly festive and powerful launch show. 7 years after they stepped on the same stage as an opening act for "Betzefer", they will hold their first show as headliners at the legendary club and we have a feeling it will be a blast from start to finish. The crowd will be warmed up by "Maanish" and "Hotbox", two bands that will put the crowd into electrifying energies before "Sinnery" takes the stage.

The band members unanimously decided that it wouldn't be another 6 years until the next album will be released. They decided to take it forward with all their power and beyond, working on a European tour, on new music, and working on all paths to step up and take their music and the new album to explode in Israel and all over the world. You can say that they are already implementing, when in the middle of 2022 they took the stage at the "Rockstadt" festival in Romania with huge bands like "Lamb of God", "Behemoth" and "OverKill".

On a personal note

In order to be a metal/rock band in Israel you need a lot of DIY skills!!!

In other words, you have to do everything yourself! This is not only because the genre in Israel is still very niche, but mainly because of the very problematic geographical location which means that things don't come to you, you have to go and look for them outside!

To look for good mixing and professional mastering abroad. To look for a label by yourself. To sign a tour in Europe. Although this is very challenging for the Israeli bands, it is also what makes them hungry, strong, and goal-oriented to achieve all these things.

Fortunately "Sinnery" has American management and they are signed to a label in the USA that should take care of them abroad. But make no mistake, they are not waiting for the phone to ring. They are the ones who dial in and make sure to push themselves in every possible way. Reality requires them to maintain daily contact with various officials in order to keep this wonderful thing moving forward.

We wish the band great success and hope to see them on posters abroad and in Israel frequently!!

Now go and buy tickets to the crazy show on 11.02.23 Barbie Club

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