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Graham Nash

He formed "The Hollies", he was part of the supergroup "Crosby, Stills & Nash", he was inducted twice into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", he is an officer of the British Empire Order and he holds four honorary doctorates. Here are some facts about singer and musician Graham Nash.


1. He was born on 2 Feb 1942 in Blackpool Lancashire, England. His full name is Graham William Nash.

2. In 1962 he formed "The Hollies", with his classmate Allan Clarke. He immediately became its lead songwriter along with its guitar player and vocalist.

3. The band's first album was released in 1964. By 1967 Nash would release along with "The Hollies" 7 studio albums before leaving the band.

4. Later, in 1983, Nash returned to "The Hollies" to mark the 20th anniversary, releasing two more albums, "What Goes Around" and "Reunion".

5. In 1965, Nash, Clark and guitarist Tony Hicks formed a private label called "Gralto Music Ltd", through which they managed the songs they wrote. The label also signed young Elton John on a recording contract, after being featured on "The Hollies" recordings from 1969-1970.

6. During Nash's visit to the United States, with "The Hollies" in 1966, he first met David Crosby and Stephen Stills.

7. In July 1968 he met them again, in a private party held at Joni Mitchell's home. The two played a new song written by Stills and Nash joined them singing a third harmony. Right at that moment it was clear to the three of them, that there was an amazing vocal chemistry between them, that could not be ignored.

8. The crazy vocal chemistry and the special connection between the three, caused Nash to leave "The Hollies" and join the emerging "Supergroup" which will be called "Crosby, Stills and Nash".

(Photo: Michael Ochs Archives)

9. In May 1969, the supergroup's first album "Crosby, Stills & Nash", was released.

10. About three months after the release of their debut album, "CSN" has already appeared at the legendary Woodstock Festival. It was only their second live show ever.

11. Neil Young will take the stage and join the trio in the second and more "electric" part of the show. This moment will be the trigger that will turn the trio into the quartet "CSNY", when Neil Young joins them as a full member.

12. Already at the early days of the supergroup, Nash wrote some of its beautiful and successful songs such as: "Marrakesh Express", "Our House", "Teach Your Children" and more.

13. He wrote the song "Our House" about his then-girlfriend, singer Joni Mitchell.

14. In 1971 Nash released his first solo album "Songs for Beginners". Nash will later release 5 more studio albums, the most recent being "This Path Tonight" from 2016.

15. In 1972, during the hiatus of "CSNY" Nash and David Crosby worked as a duo to release four studio albums, including the excellent debut named after them: "Graham Nash David Crosby".

16. Nash is known to be very socially active. This is reflected, among other things, in the songs he has written, such as "Military Madness", "Chicago" and "Immigration Man". In 1979 he also founded the Association of Musicians for Safe Energy, while opposing the expansion of nuclear power in the world.

17. In 1997 Nash was inducted into the "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", as a member of the "Crosby, Stills & Nash".

18. In 2005 he collaborated with "A-Ha" on the song "Over the Treetops".

19. In 2006 he and David Crosby were featured on David Gilmour's "On an Island" album. Later the two also accompanied Gilmour in his performances.

20. In 2010 he will be inducted again into the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", this time as a member of the band "The Hollies".

21. At the same year he was also appointed an officer of the Order of the British Empire.

22. Nash holds four honorary doctorates, one of them from NYIT University.

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