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NHC - Feed the Cruel

Friday Release # 113

How about a collaboration between Dave Navarro and Taylor Hawkins?

So the supergroup "NHC" is just such a collaboration between guitarist Dave Navarro drummer Taylor Hawkins and bassist Chris Chaney, who during the 1990s played with Hawkins in Alanis Morissette's backing band and later played alongside Dave Navarro in his band "Jane's Addiction", after Eric Avery retired.

The Power Trio whose name consists of the initials of the last names of each of its members (Navarro, Hawkins, Chaney) has been working for the past year on an album from which two songs have been released today. "Feed the Cruel" which also accompanied by a video and "Better Move On" which was released on audio.

Hawkins, who also takes the lead vocals accompanied by Navarro backing vocals, said he was constantly looking for the opportunity to play with Navarro, whom he called "the best lead guitarist in alternative rock".

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