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Neil Young - Second Attempt on MTV Unplugged

A Sneak Peek...

And this time. the Grunge godfather falls and raises!

(Photo: Ebet Roberts/Redferns)

On February 7, 1993 Neil Young arrives at Universal Studios Los Angeles, with the "Stray Gators", the backing band that recorded masterpiece album "Harvest" with him. This time they came to accompany him during the performance and recording of an unplugged show, as part of the "MTV Unplugged" series.

This was Young's second attempt to record the show, after the first attempt ended when Young left right in the middle of it.

The first performance was about three months earlier, in December 1992, at Ed Sullivan Hall in New York.

It is not clear what exactly went wrong that night, but things did not flow very well for young, there were glitches, mistakes, songs were stopped in the middle and played again, and to the small audience present at the venue it was very clear that Neil Young was completely unhappy with the results.

At one point Neil Young even left the stage and the concert hall and went out wandering the streets of Manhattan, walking behind him where the stunned production crew members. Neil Young finally relented and returned to perform another two songs, before finally ending the show, but given the circumstances he refused to allow the MTV channel to broadcast it.

About two months after that failed show, on February 7, 1993, Neil Young tried to do it again. This time at the Universal Studios Los Angeles. This time it worked! And in a big way! The recording made that day was released four months later as the masterpiece album "Unplugged", released on June 15, 1993, without a doubt one of the greatest unplugged albums ever released.

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