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Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper - Ho Ho

"Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper"'s third album, "Oh Oh", was released on June 7, 1995.

We will go back in time to understand the meaning of this album and what happened after it. The insane success of their debut album, which had the band's name and released hits such as "In a Red Dress", "Come Dina" and "Happy Monday", made the "kaspers" a big hit in the Israeli rock scene, in a time when "Independence day Rock" show was one of the big events.

A year later, the band's second album was released, which did not bear an official name but was named "Mofa Ha'arnavot Shel Dr. Kasper 2". The album was a concept album that tells the story of Sheila, a girl who consumes hallucinogen drugs and goes on a "Trip. In the musical production of Dudi Levy, the band members tried to "grow up" in everything they did to create a concept album, but the matter was not successful. To say the least, the album collapsed, the band's fans abandoned them and the band received very negative reviews.

(Photo: Koko)

Half a year later, with a strong desire to recreate the success of their first album and return to the top of Israeli music, the "kaspers" decided to go back to the first album. Produced by Oved Efrat, who gave creative freedom to the band but kept a strict outline that the band supported, we go back to songs made of sweet melodies that wrap up catchy lyrics. Only this time the "Kaspers" tried to create more personal lyrics that reflect personal experiences to mold more depth.

Today you are probably familiar with "Dream Forever", "Sweet Honey Day", "Oh Oh", "My Song" and "Look at Me" which became a milestone in the Israeli soundtrack but with its release, this album was a complete failure. It felt like the little fairy of music touched the band with her magic wand in 1994 but forced them to return it at the end of 12 months. The band's attempt to return to the musical style and recreate the success of the first album failed and the last song on the album "Great Wind" was the final chord.

The "Kaspers" disbanded six months after the album's release and each went his own way, Shai Lahav and Oren Barzilai embarked on solo careers and other projects.

After a few years, the album gained a lot of publicity. What gave it the boost was the use of songs through TV shows and commercials like: the series "Shared House" and the series "Zbang". Very quickly the album that was a failure and led to the disbandment of the band found stardust and began to behave present not only on radio stations but also on television. As we mentioned, the songs in it became distinctive Israeli rock hits.

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