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Metallica - Beyond Magnetic

A Sneak Peek...

On December 13, 2011, "Metallica" released their third EP "Beyond Magnetic".

This is a mini-album, which includes 4 songs, all of which were recorded during the recording of the "Death Magnetic" album.

During the "Death Magnetic" recording sessions held in 2007 and 2008, the band recorded 14 songs.

When it came time to choose the songs for the album, the members of "Metallica" decided to include only 10 songs, with the remaining four waiting "in a vault" for three years.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of "Metallica", the band members thought of giving the songs as a gift to their most devoted fans, when the band releases a new song, in each of the four shows held at its home ground "The Fillmore" in San Francisco. Admission to these four shows was limited to members of the band's fan club, and they debuted one new song at each show. Participants were then issued a wristband with a special code that allowed them to download these songs for free from Metallica's official website after the show.

But later, the songs were combined into a mini-album that was originally released for digital download only on iTunes (on December 13, 2011) and later also on CD on January 30, 2012, when the band accompanied the release with a message that read, among other things, that the songs underwent a basic and immature mix that does not arrive to the production level of the other songs from the "Death Magnetic" album.

By and large, the four songs continue the line of "Death Magnetic", but with a rough garage production that sometimes feels like a demo.

The opening song "Hate Train" is a typical "Metallica" thrash song, followed by "Just A Bullet Away" whose verses take a step back and correspond more with root "heavy metal". Everything turns darker with "Hell and Back", whose lyrics apparently refer to James Hetfield's addictions. A dynamic song that moves on the quiet-loud track. The mini-album ends with the longest song from it "Rebel Of Babylon" which spans 8 minutes. It starts soft and quiet but it slowly gains speed and power like a tropical storm.

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