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Loud 馃枻 Love - Chris Cornell 20/07/1964 - 18/05/2017

One day when I was 14, I read in the daily newspaper a review of two masterpieces that came out at the time, "Gentleman" by The Afghan Whigs and the other was Soundgarden's "Superunknown" ... these were my first years on my musical journey.

That day, I went to the record store on a nearby street and listened to the marvel called Soundgarden and the unique, unrecoverable voice of Chris Cornell.

From then until today my life has evolved and changed, Chris has also evolved and changed... for me while listening, even 4 years after he left.

He created more wonderful and less wonderful things ... but always the same voice, the intensity (and in retrospect also with pain), they were an integral part of my life soundtrack.

When I was alone, together with my amazing friends and later, even intensified with my beloved wife and our precious young daughters. To this day he is the artist we have seen the most ... every visit to the holy land, we were there.

His death hit me so unexpectedly. Even after I lost relatives, I did not describe how you could feel that way with the physical loss of someone ... especially one you did not know personally. Crying in the office and not realizing / believing that I feel it in such a sharp way ... the tears have flowed and occasionally the same teary eyes revisit.

Why? Through the sounds, words, emotion and messages he tried to convey / still conveys to us, every time we listened something that he touched... like any form of communication, he had an authenticity that penetrated, alongside rare talent he evoked empathy... as it also felt in every moving cover he performed ... as if without much effort "became his own".

In retrospect, through the lyrics, Chris carried a lot more pain than we described ... and if we had to pick one song, it was easy to pick one with pain, that connects us to the last stop in our relationship - "the Farewell" with all the bumming emotions that comes with it.

But he, like his music, evokes a lot more emotions ... and they keep pounding ... Through the masterpieces with Temple Of The Dog, Soundgarden, Audioslave or the marvelous solo career, there is a connection of sounds and words that resonate and remind us that it is woven into our souls.

Thank god馃檹 for the privilege that we got and still get,to have this as part of the soundtrack in our lives ... like this song, it was and still is a thunderous ...LOUD.. LOVE ...this way we did got to know each other!

Soundgarden - Loud 馃枻 Love

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