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Korn - Start The Healing

New headbanger from the house of Korn !!

The new and 14th album of this mystical creator called Korn is due out on February 4th and bears the name "Requiem". The band released the first single from the album, "Start The Healing", a single that proves that the band manages to hold its power and relevance at a very high level and even though it has quite a few albums under it, it manages to excite !!

As in our recent reviews on latest new albums, here too the COVID has given its capabilities to the band. This album was created in a work environment and atmosphere completely different from anything the band has experienced and done in the past. Absolute freedom without schedules, without pressure from the record company, without pressure from external factors and without a goal or purpose other than one, to create music !!

The COVID period (which is not over yet) was also not that simple for the veteran band that went on a tour after the previous album and encountered great challenges and difficulties. Half of the band members were tested for corona virus, Jonathan Davis, Munky and Ray Luzier caught the virus but passed it safely. The challenges followed the writing and recordings but also made the band members understand that there is nowhere to run...

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