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Journey - Frontiers

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And this time, "Frontiers" - Journey's eighth studio album, released on February 1, 1983.

A little over a year after "Escape", which became the band's most successful studio album, with sales of over 9 million copies in the US alone, "Journey" returns with this excellent album, that proved that sometimes lightning can strike twice in the same place.

The album reached number two on the US charts and garnered 6 times platinum status in the US, i.e., sales of over 6 million copies. It also became the band's most successful album in the UK, with 4 singles charting at the top of of the charts.

The keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jonathan Cain who replaced Gregg Rolie in 1980, has already been revealed as a talented songwriter on the previous album. He joined the band's lead writers duo, singer Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon. This time, however, Cain surpassed himself, as he co-wrote all the songs on the album and exclusively wrote one of the greatest hits from it - "Faithfully".

four successful singles that topped the charts, were released from the album :

The first, the insane opening song "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)", with the amazing synthesizer riff, courtesy of Jonathan Cain, who simply propels this song forward, along with Neal Schon's guitar playing. The song was written by Cain and Perry who had just experienced tremendous difficulties in their married life, in part due to the sheer intensity that accompanied the band tours. Cain began writing the lead riff on a small Casio synthesizer in his hotel room. The next day the band had already finished writing it during the sound check, before one of their performances.

The second single, is the ballad "Send Her My Love" with the bluesy scent led by Steve Perry's moving and touching vocals. Cain wrote the song at a time he was listening to a lot of "Beatles" albums and claimed that this influenced the song as well. Cain invited Steve Perry to his home and he immediately pulled out the special melody of the song.

The third single "After The Fall" features bassist Randy Jackson. This song was later part of the soundtrack to the movie "Risky Business" with Tom Cruise and Rebecca de Mornay.

The fourth single, is the ballad "Faithfully" that Cain wrote solely in just half an hour, when he was on the band's bus on the way to the show. The song addresses Cain's difficulties and longings for his family, during the demanding tour. This is the first song the band has released a video clip for. When singer and musician Prince finished writing the song "Purple Rain", he immediately called Cain, sent him the song and asked for his approval, because he thought that there is much resemblance between the two. Cain gave his blessing, even though the two songs include only 4 overlapping chords.

The album features other excellent songs. "Chain Reaction" which became a hit even though it was not released as a single and features a heavy riff and catchy chorus. "Edge of the Blade" whose guitar sound cuts you off like a "blade"." "Back Talk" with Steve Smith's rolling drums and a guitar riff and vocal reminiscent of "Led Zeppelin" and more.

It is interesting to note, that the album included two songs that were replaced right at the last minute, before its release. "Ask the Lonely" which was included in the soundtrack of the movie "Two of a Kind" with John Travolta and Olivia Newton John and "Only the Young", which was part of the soundtrack for the film "Vision Quest". The two songs that replaced them were "Back Talk" and "Troubled Child".

During the sessions the band recorded another song "All That Really Matters" in which keyboardist Jonathan Cain serves as the lead singer. The song was not released until the 1992 in triple compilation album "Time3".

In 2005 the album "Frontiers" entered the list of the 500 greatest albums in rock and metal of "Rock Hard" magazine.

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