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Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - No Quarter

On October 14, 1994, the album "No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded" was released.

Here are 26 interesting facts about it:

1. Although most of the songs on the album are of "Led Zeppelin" and although Jimmy Page and Robert Plant participate in it, it is not a reunion album by of mother band.

2. Page and Plant added three musicians to the project. Bassist Charlie Jones, drummer Michael Lee and another banjo and guitar player Porl Thompson.

3. The additional guitar and banjo player Porl Thompson is also the guitarist and keyboardist of the band "The Cure".

4. Bass player Charlie Jones is the son in law of Robert Plant. He is married to his daughter Carmen Jane Plant.

5. Bassist Charlie Jones and drummer Michael Lee played in Robert Plant's backing band as part of his solo career.

6. In addition, the band is accompanied by a Moroccan string orchestra of 29 members and an Egyptian ensemble of 12 musicians.

7. Page and Plant did not even inform John Paul Jones about the mini-union and he learned about it from the media.

8. At the time John Paul Jones was on a tour with avant-garde singer Diamanda Galas.

9. Multi-instrumentalist John Paul Jones was very upset that his friends did not tell him about the mini re-union, especially in light of the fact that they chose to crown the album and show as "No Quarter", which is a song mostly written by him and very much identified with his sound.

10. This album was part of MTV's unplugged project, although much of the songs played on it were completely electric.

11. Although this is not actually an unplugged show, it has become the most watched show in the "MTV Unplugged" series.

12. The songs that ultimately came closest to being "Unplugged" in this show were actually the special versions of the songs "Nobody's Fault But Mine" and "No Quarter" that were fundamentally different from the original.

13. Although the original recording of the song "No Quarter" is full with keyboards played by John Paul Jones, the show version does not include keyboards at all.

14. The show was recorded in three different locations. Morocco (three songs), Wales (two songs) and London.

15. The expectation for the mini re-union show was so great that the companies Pepsi and Coca-Cola were among the companies that sought to sponsor it. They were rejected by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant'.

16. On the occasion of the show, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant' wrote four new songs: "City Don't Cry", "Yallah (The Truth Explodes)", "Wah Wah" and "Wonderful One".

17. Following the positive reactions from the show, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant' continued with the momentum and released in 1998 a joint album called "Walking into Clarksdale".

18. The ensemble of musicians that accompanied the band in the mini-union show continued with them to the album and the performances that accompanied it.

19. The meeting between Paige and Planet who created the mini-union took place in 1993, while Jimmy Page was on a tour to promote his album Coverdale/Page with David Coverdale.

20. Page surprised Plant in his hotel room in Boston and offered him to work together.

21. At the time, Plant was in the midst of a tour promoting his album "Fate of Nations" and performed two consecutive nights at the Orpheum Theater in Boston.

22. When the two received an offer from MTV to record a show for their unplugged series, their condition was that the show would not be an Unplugged show.

23. The idea to explore Middle Eastern and especially Moroccan music came, among other things, from Plant's musical direction in his latest (then) album “Fate Of Nations” which included Moroccan motifs.

24. Another inspiration for the oriental connection that this show has was Planet and Page's visit to India in 1972, where they recorded versions of the songs "Four Sticks" and "Friends" with the Bombay Symphony.

25. Indian singer Najma Akhtar who as part of the show sang the singing roles of singer Sandy Denny in the song "The Battle Of Evermore", became after the show the girlfriend of Robert Plant.

26. The album version includes 14 songs, with the DVD version having three more songs: "What Is And What Should Never Be", "The Rain Song" and "When the Levee Breaks".

27. In 2004, a new version of the album was released. It omitted the song "Thank You" at the expense of the song "The Rain Song". In addition, the song "Yallah" received the name "The Truth Explodes".

If you have not bothered to listen to the album until now , we recommend that you at least listen to the special performance of the songs "Since I've Been Loving You" and "Kashmir" from it, in our opinion they have added value.

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