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Jim Root

He is the No, 4 in "Slipknot", his name is Jim Root and he was born on October 2, 1971, so let's get to know the veteran guitarist a bit !!

(Photo: David Phillips)

1. His full name is James Donald Root and he was born in Las Vegas.

2. He began his significant activity in music in the early 90s in a trash metal band called "Atomic Opera" which was founded and operated in Iowa.

3. There he met Corey Taylor and joined his band called "Stone Sour" in 1995. At the same time as being in the band he worked side jobs as a waitress and a ticket agent on the bus.

4. The initial band recorded a number of demos and tried to obtain a recording contract and tour dates but without any real success. They went on hiatus until 2000 when they started recording for their debut album.

5. During the period when Stone was on hiatus, the band "Slipknot" who had just signed a seven-album contract began work with Ross Robinson on their debut album and they were looking for a vocalist and guitarist.

(Photo: Matt Stasi)

6. On January 6, 1999, Jim joined "Slipknot", replacing guitarist Josh Brainard. Josh recorded all the songs on the album except "Purity" and "Me Inside" which were recorded by Jim.

7. Although he joined as a rhythm guitarist, Jim began to play a significant part in the writing and creation of the band's albums. In "Slipknot" there is no set role for lead/rhythm guitar, Jim and Mick Thomson both share the guitar roles.

8. Except for "Slipknot's" first album, in which he was partially involved. In the band's next albums, Jim was significantly involved in writing and creating, and also writing the lyrics.

9. As part of Stone, Jim was involved in the band's first five albums. Together with Josh Rand, they shared the roles of guitars, writing, and creating.

10. In 2014 Jim left Stone apparently as a result of friction and disagreement over the band's path mostly with Corey. Corey said that if Jim had not left Stone there would have been a big explosion that would have caused the dissolution of "Stone Sour" and even "Slipknot".

(Photo: Fender)

11. In 2007 Fender guitar brand released a special model named "Jim Root Telecaster", in 2010 another model named "Jim Root Signature Fender Stratocaster" was released and in 2014 Fender released another model called Fender "Jim Root Jazzmaster".

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