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Eddie Vedder - Long Way

Friday Release # 112

Eddie Vedder surprises us with a new single from an upcoming album.

The song "Long Way" is the first single from the album "Earthling" whose release date has not yet been set.

It's a folk rock style song that sounds to us like a combination of Bruce Springsteen and "Eagles" taken from the 1970s. Eddie sounds on this song like we've never heard him before.

The person who produced the song and probably also the album is Andrew Watt, the guitarist of California Breed who produced, among others, "Ordinary Man" - the latest album by Ozzy Osborne .

Eddie is apparently currently in the writing and creative burst, as just about three weeks ago 8 songs that Eddie co-wrote with Glen Hansard were released, as part of the soundtrack of Sean Penn's movie "Flag Day". The film's soundtrack also included a cover version of "Drive" by R.E.M sang by Eddie.

In early August 2021, Wedder collaborated with Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello on a cover version of the song "Highway To Hell" by "AC/DC".

And if that's not enough, Eddie is set to be featured on Elton John's "Lockdown Sessions" album, due out on October 22, 2021.

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