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Deftones - Diamond Eyes

A Sneak Peek...

The album "Diamond Eyes" is the "Deftones" sixth album, it was released on May 4th, 2010.

A story of a bass player...

After the release of their fifth album "Saturday Night Wrist" the band was tired of the hard work on the album when the Pro Tools posed a big challenge but wanted to immediately start working on the next album regardless of the famous software.

A year later, in 2008, the band recorded an album with producer Terry Date called "Eros" and planned to release it in 2009. But in November 2008 Chi Cheng, the bassist, had an extreme car accident that seriously injured him and left him in a state of coma, as a result of which the band decided to freeze the release of the album.

With uncertainty hovering over the band's future, it added Sergio Vega, a close member of the band who occasionally replaced Chang on the 1999 tour, in order to meet her pre-closing commitments. When Chang's condition was unknown and the band disband hovering over, the band members decided to make a 180-degree turn and move forward.

(Photo: Frank Maddocks)

They decided they were changing the direction of the next album and instead of taking the album that had already been recorded and consisted of aggression, nerves, and defiance, they decided to record a new album with an optimistic attitude. An album that reflects the atmosphere and feelings they experience at that time as people and musicians. Their past experience strengthened them as a group and gave them inspiration and strong energy.

They teamed up with producer Nick Raskulinecz and within two months recorded the album "Diamond Eyes" without the use of "Malware" Pro Tools. Anyone who has read our reviews in the past knows that there were quite a few bands that did this in modern times, but it requires a great deal of training and rehearsals because there are far fewer opportunities to correct and so it was here as well.

The album was a commercial success, reaching the top of the Billboard 200 chart, capturing more hits around the world, and becoming one of the band's most successful albums.

Four singles were released from the album: "Diamond Eyes", "Rocket Skates", "Sextape"

and "You've Seen the Butcher."

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