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Dee Snider - Leave a Scar

On July 30, 2021 Dee Snider released his fifth solo album "Leave a Scar".

The album landed on us like an "Atomic Bomb", 3 years after the previous excellent album "For the Love of Metal", and left a huge scar...

We mentioned an "atom bomb" and we definitely meant it. A combination of "Speed Metal" and cruel riffs from the "Painkiller" era of "Judas Priest", with aggressions and growling of "Metalcore" reserved for bands like "Bullet for My Valentine" and "Killswitch Engage".

Snider continues to be accompanied by the same core that accompanied him on the previous excellent album: Charlie Bellmore on guitars and vocals, Nicky Bellmore on drums, and the new recruits: Russell Pzütto on bass and vocals and Nick Petrino on guitars and vocals.

This crazy piece of music is conducted by producer Jamey Jasta, whose influence has undoubtedly contributed significantly to the sound and content. Jasta who is the singer of metal bands like "Hatebreed", "Icepick" and more also produced Snider's previous album, and his fingerprint is felt in every note on the current album as well.

It is interesting to note that the singer George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, known among others from the band "Cannibal Corpse", is hosted in the amazing song "Time To Choose" and roars himself to insanity alongside Snider.


01. I Gotta Rock (Again)

02. All Or Nothing More

03. Down But Never Out

04. Before I Go

05. Open Season

06. Silent Battles

07. Crying For Your Life

08. In For The Kill

09. Time To Choose

10. S.H.E.

11. The Reckoning

12. Stand

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