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David Lee Roth - Giddy-Up

Singer David Lee Roth has released a brand new song called "Giddy-Up", as part of a planned 11-track album whose date has yet to be released.

The song "Giddy-Up" was first introduced in November 2020 when Roth released a 17-episode online comic book called "The Roth Project", written and drawn by David Lee Roth himself (for those who have not listened and watched - recommended). David also painted the cover of the single.

The online comic included four more songs: "Somewhere Over the Rainbow Bar and Grill," "Alligator Pants," "Lo-Rez Sunset" and "Manda Bala," all written and recorded with guitarist / bassist John 5 in collaboration with drummer Gregg Bissonette, Keyboardist Brett Tuggle and percussionist Luis Conte.

David and John have collaborated on a number of additional songs that are planned to be released in an album that will include 11 songs. These are materials Roth wrote for his solo career and for Van Halen, but were not released.

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