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David Gilmour Guitar Auction

On June 20, 2019, David Gilmour broke several Guinness World Records when he put his collection of guitars up for sale.

This is a huge collection of 127 guitars that Gilmour has played over the years, including the guitars he has played on "Pink Floyd" masterpieces albums.

The sale was made through the famous Christie's auction house in New York and in the end, a fantastic and inconceivable sum of $ 21,490,750 was raised.

Among the guitars sold was the Black Strat guitar - Fender Stratocaster 1969, on which Gilmour played on the albums "The Dark Side Of The Moon" through "The Final Cut". This guitar sold for a whopping $ 3,975,000 and broke the record for the highest sum a guitar ever sold.

Another record broken that day is the highest amount in which a Gibson Les Paul guitar was sold. This was a 1955 gold-colored Les Paul guitar on which Gilmour played the song "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" and it sold for $ 447,000.

Gilmour donated all the money from the sale of his guitar collection to ClientEarth - a green organization that engraved on its banner the protection of the planet.

For a partial list of the guitars sold that day go to the link: Click Here

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