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David Gilmour - Yes, I Have Ghosts

Friday release, sponsored by Covid-19 # 15

Another new single released yesterday, a new song by David Gilmour, his first in 5 years.

The song was written by David Gilmour to accompany the audio book "A Theater For Dreamers", published by his wife Polly Samson, following the original novel released about three months ago.

Gilmour noted that audio books have an unrealized potential for collaborating with musicians. It seemed natural to him that other artists should collaborate with writers to accompany the audio books in music, as his new song "Yes, I Have Ghosts" accompanies the book "A Theater For Dreamers".

The beautiful acoustic song also features Gilmore daughter Romany, singing and playing the harp.

Gilmour noted that he started working on the song just as the Covid-19 crisis erupted and he was in lockdown, so he was forced to cancel the sessions designed to take place with other musicians and backing singers. David Gilmour went on to work on the song with his daughter Romany and said he could not have been more pleased with the way her voice blends in with his and the way she accompanied him in playing the harp, which was a new discovery for him.

For listening: Spotify, Apple Music.

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