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Dave Grohl's First show with Nirvana

On October 11, 1990, Dave Grohl made his first appearance as the drummer of "Nirvana".

(Photo: Thelegendsofmusic Instegram)

The performance took place at the "North Shore Surf" club in the city of Olympia (located south of Seattle), in the state of Washington, USA.

In the three years of the band's existence, until the fall of 1990, "Nirvana" changed no less than five different drummers, until it came to rest with Dave Grohl.

The first meeting of Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic with Dave Grohl was at a "Scream" concert held in San Francisco. Grohl, who was the drummer for "Scream", greatly impressed the two, and when his band broke up shortly after, Kurt and Krist invited Dave to jam with them. The "click" was of course immediate and after several weeks of rehearsals, Grohl held his first "baptism of fire" with "Nirvana". It was on 11/10/1990 at the "North Shore Surf Club", south of Seattle.

For those interested in watching this historic moment, see the video taken at that concert below, in which the band plays four pieces, three of them from their first album: "Love Buzz" which is the cover version for the Dutch psychedelic band "Shocking Blue", "Scoff" and "Sliver". The fourth song is another cover version this time of a song by "Devo" called "Turn Around", which was released two years later as part of the "Hormoaning" EP.

Dave Grohl later said that Kurt and Krist also chose him because of the fact that he could sing.

Less than a year after this historic event, "Nirvana" will completely change the face of the music world when they release the masterful album "Nevermind".

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