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Cliff Burton 1st Show with Metallica

On March 5, 1983, Cliff Burton made his first show with "Metallica".

(Photo: Metallica Twitter)

The show was held at a club called "Stone" in San Francisco Bay Area, which today, in retrospect, is considered as the place where Thrash Metal was born.

Cliff joined the band in December 1982 and replaced bassist Ron McGovney.

This is one of Cliff Burton's only appearances on stage with guitarist Dave Mustaine, who will be fired from the band about a month later. For more information about it, read here: Dave Mustaine Fired From Metallica.

The show took place shortly after the band moved to San Francisco. As you may recall, Cliff first met James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich when he performed at the "Whiskey A-Go-Go" club with his band. He played the bass solo that would later become the instrumental piece "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)". James and Lars were stunned by Cliff's playing. They of course invited him to join their band immediately. Cliff agreed but on one condition. that the band move from Los Angeles to San Francisco, his hometown. The band agreed and this is what gave birth to the historic performance at the "Stone" Club.

On that historic evening, the band played 12 songs, most of which will eventually be included on the debut album "Kill 'Em All", except for "Hit the Lights". The opening song, "The Mechanix", was reworked as soon as Kirk Hammett joined the band, and his name was changed to "The Four Horsemen". Dave Mustaine will keep the song close to the version played that evening and a few years later it will already be included on Megadeth's debut album "Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!".

It's hard to believe, but this historic performance was documented in a bootleg, recorded that evening. One of the highlights of the show was of course Cliff Burton's premiere with the solo that will eventually become the instrumental piece "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)". For those interested in listening to history in the making, you are welcome to jump to about 35 minutes of the recording.

List of songs played on that historical evening:

1. The Mechanix

2. Phantom Lord

3. Jump In The Fire

4. Motorbreath

5. No Remorse

6. Seek & Destroy

7. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

8. Whiplash

9. Am I Evil?

10. The Prince

11. Blitzkrieg

12. Metal Militia

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