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Chris Cornell - Scream

A Sneak Peek...

This is Chris Cornell's first "POP" album and also the third album he released in his solo career on March 10' 2009.

As the album cover implies, a picture of Chris with a guitar hoisted in the air towards a total crash to the ground, Chris wants to let you know, before you hit play, that you are not going to get a rock and roll based music like before but something completely different.

We can run a lot of clichés here like... the whole is small from the sum of its part ... two huge artists in their field meet in order to destroy each other... Musical change is not always a blessed thing... and more and more but let us share our thoughts for a moment.

This album is a collaboration of... a huge artist in the rock world, Chris Cornell, with an armor-piercing voice, charisma that sparkles with a hydrogen bomb, and tremendous musical talent with...

A huge artist in the pop world, Timbaland, whose digital symbols cut through membranes, his arrangements will make you frolic even if you deny the genre and many artists have been produced under his hands.

(Photo: YouTube)

But what can we say... not always huge musical talents connect and not always the outcome is according to the plan.

The two tried to get out of their comfort zone but since they held the altar funds so tightly, there was no full cooperation or joint creation here. Each tried to fit the other to his side.

Chris said the workflow was not shared and started from scratch but, Timbaland would come up with the rhythm and melody and Chris would write lyrics and melody, so the album was written in just 6 weeks.

At "All Music" this combination was beautifully defined "it is not a collaboration but a car accident".

The album includes 14 songs written and produced by Chris and Timbaland but incorporated with a number of other star artists from the pop world such as Jim BEANZ who is a producer, songwriter, and singer, producer Johnkenun Spivery, singer Ryan Tedder from the band "One Republic", musician Justin Timberlake and more...

We must note, that, unlike the album versions, some songs that went into the setlist at Chris's shows, were granted with phenomenal versions, in Chris' much-loved musical style.

You can listen to the album on Spotify, Apple Music

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