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Camel - The Single Factor

A Sneak Peek...

And this time on the origin of the name "The Single Factor" - "Camel's" ninth album, released on May 6, 1982.

The name of the album represents the music as well. A collection of singles - short and focused sections that certainly do not characterize what this band is used to produce and certainly not the progressive genre from which it comes.

This album is the result of record company Decca Records pressure, which demanded that the band will produce a "hit" single. It was the last album the band was committed to releasing with the aforementioned record company and Andrew Latimer decided to meet the demand and produce a collection of short tracks none of which exceed the 5-minute limit.

Despite the commercial and even "poppy" approach, this album has some gems like the melting track "Selva", the track "Sasquatch" featuring Latimer's longtime bandmate Peter Bardens, the "End Peace" a track co-written by former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips and more.

it is interesting to note that Anthony Phillips plays guitar, organ, and synthesizer on other tracks of the album.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the band's weaker albums, due to its commitment to the record company. At the same time, if this is considered the band's "weak" album, it certainly indicates the quality and greatness of Camel.

Feel free to follow the local wonder band "The Humps", performing Camel's materials perfectly and faithful to the original.

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