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Bruce Dickinson Joins Iron Maiden

On September 26, 1981, "Iron Maiden" made the best decision of it's career, with recruiting Bruce Dickinson officially to the band.

(Photo: Imdb)

Dickinson, who began his musical career in 1979 with the band "Samson", made his first acquaintance with "Iron Maiden" in 1980, when "Maiden" warmed up his band "Samson". Even then he thought they were good, but did not dream that in such a short time he would join the band that warmed up his band.

After the Samson band performance at the 1981 "Reading" Festival, Rod Smallwood, the director of "Iron Maiden", approached Bruce Dickinson and invited him to his room behind the scenes. In this small room, Rod suggested that Bruce will audition for "Iron Maiden". For Samsung's performance at the 1981 Reading Festival, see here:

Bruce who was not so pleased with "Samson"'s style and saw the potential in "Iron Maiden", was interested, but he had some questions for Rod. He wanted to know whether he would get creative freedom and if Paul Di'Anno knows that the band was looking to replace him. In the end Bruce agreed.

The audition took place early September 1981 in a rehearsal room in London's Hackney district. Bruce Dickinson listened to the members of "Iron Maiden" perform the songs "Prowler", "Sanctuary", "Running Free" and "Remember Tomorrow" and later he was asked to perform the same songs together with the band. This audition was recorded and we have the opportunity to listen to the historic moment in which Bruce Dickinson opened his mouth and sang for the first time alongside the members of "Iron Maiden". Listen here:

Bruce of course passed the audition and the official announcement of his joining the band hit the media just today in 1981....

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