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Bruce Dickinson 1st Show With Iron Maiden

October 26, 1981 is a historic day for "Iron Maiden".

Today in 1981, Bruce Dickinson first appeared on stage with the band at the "Palasport" hall in Bologna, Italy.


Bruce Dickinson officially joined the band exactly one month earlier, on September 26, 1981. Read more about Bruce's selection process here:

The choice of Bruce Dickinson was quick, decisive and absolute. To put it bluntly, Paul DiAnno made his last appearance with the band on September 10 in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the band officially announcing Bruce's joining the band about two weeks later.

A few days after the dismissal of Paul DiAnno and after Bruce's successful audition for the band, Dickinson was offered the role of singer, when along with the announcement he was told that he has a month to prepare for his first live show with the band.

"Iron Maiden" was scheduled to perform for 5 days in a row in Italy, the first of which was as mentioned in the "Palasport" hall in the city of Bologna on October 26, 1981.

It was not a simple job at all. Bruce had to learn about 20 songs played during the tour in a very short time.

But "Bruce almighty" took the stage that night in Bologna and simply burned it to the ground.

The band played a set of 17 songs, when at the end of the show called to the stage, time after time, for no less than three encores, the last of which was "I've Got The Fire" by "Montrose".

Amazingly this live show was documented on video. Admittedly the quality is awful, but you can still learn from it about Bruce's amazing performance and his tremendous voice. This is an equally historic moment, which if not worth watching, then at least listening, here:

At the end of the show it was very clear to the rest of the band members that they had made the right choice and that Bruce Dickinson was the right singer for "Iron Maiden".

Bruce's joining "Iron Maiden" will elevate the band to new heights and make it the greatest metal band of all time.

List of songs played that evening:

01. Sanctuary

02. Purgatory

03. Wrathchild

04. Twilight Zone

05. Remember Tomorrow

06. Genghis Khan

07. Killers

08. Another Life

09. Innocent Exile

10. Running Free

11. Murders In The Rue Morgue

12. Phantom Of The Opera

13. Iron Maiden


14. Transylvania

15. Drifter

Encore 2:

16. Prowler

Encore 3:

17. I've Got The Fire (Montrose Cover)

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