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Black Sabbath's Only Live Performance with Dave Walker

On January 8, 1978, singer and guitarist Dave Walker made his only live appearance as a singer for "Black Sabbath".

(Photo: Green And Black Music)

Walker who was known for his membership in various bands such as "Savoy Brown" and "Fleetwood Mac", received a phone call from guitarist Tony Iommi in November 1977. Tony invited him to join "Black Sabbath" after singer Ozzy Osbourne left the band.

On his way from San Francisco to London, Walker wrote the lyrics to a song that would later become "Junior's Eyes".

Walker will perform a first version of the song with "Black Sabbath" on the BBC's "Look Hear" program as well as the song "War Pigs".

Shortly after his only appearance with "Black Sabbath" Ozzy Osbourne decided to return to the band and thus ended Walker's brief affair with "Black Sabbath".

The song was eventually recorded for the album "Never Say Die!" Which came out in 1978. As Ozzy Osbourne refused to use Walker's words, Geezer Butler was forced to rewrite the song lyrics.

You can listen to Walker perform the song with "Black Sabbath" here:

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