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Bernie Marsden

Here are some facts about Guitarist Bernie Marsden:

(Photo: Fin Costello)

1. Bernie Marsden was born on May 7, 1951 in Buckingham, England.

2. He began playing guitar at the age of nine and was influenced by blues guitarists such as BB King and Albert King.

3. Marsden's first professional gig was with the band "UFO" in 1972, but he left the band after just a few months.

4. In the early 1970s, Marsden was a member of the band "Skinny Cat", which included future "Whitesnake" drummer Ian Paice.

5. He then joined the band "Wild Turkey" in 1974, but left after just one album.

6. Marsden joined the band "Babe Ruth" in 1975, playing on the album "Kid's Stuff" (1976).

7. In 1976, Marsden was involved with "The Majesticaires", a band that included Cozy Powell on drums.

8. In 1976, Marsden also played with "The Little House Band", which included future "Whitesnake" bandmate Micky Moody.

9. In 1976, Marsden was involved with the band "Paice Ashton Lord", which featured former "Deep Purple" members Ian Paice and Jon Lord.

10. Marsden played guitar on the band's only album, "Malice in Wonderland" (1977).

11. Following the release of the album, "Paice Ashton Lord" disbanded and Marsden went on to join "Whitesnake".

(Photo: Fin Costello)

12. In 1978, Marsden joined "Whitesnake", playing alongside guitarist Micky Moody and singer David Coverdale.

13. His first album with the band was "Snakebite" (1978) and since then Marsden played on another 6 "Whitesnake" albums including: "Lovehunter" (1979), "Ready An' Willing" (1980), "Come an' Get It" (1981) and the excelent live album "Live... in the Heart of the City".

14. During his time with "Whitesnake", Marsden co-wrote several of the band's biggest hits, including "Here I Go Again" and "Fool for Your Loving".

15. In 1980, Marsden released his debut solo album "And About Time Too".

16. In 1981, Marsden formed the band "Alaska". They released two albums, Heart of the Storm (1984) and The Pack (1985).

16. Marsden left Whitesnake in 1982 to focus on his solo career and pursue other musical projects.

17. Marsden released several other solo albums, including "Look at Me Now" (1981), "The Friday Rock Show Sessions: Live at Reading" (1982), and "Big Boy Blue" (1992).

18. Marsden collaborated with other notable musicians and bands, including Cozy Powell, Don Airey, and "Forcefield", Ian Gillan and more.

19. In 1994, Marsden formed "The Snakes", a band that included former "Whitesnake" members Micky Moody and Neil Murray.

20. "The Snakes" released two albums, "Once Bitten..." (1998) and "Live in Europe" (1999).

21. In 1998, Marsden formed "The Company of Snakes", a band that also featured former "Whitesnake" members Micky Moody, Neil Murray, and others.

22. "The Company of Snakes" released two albums, "Here They Go Again" (2001) and "Burst the Bubble" (2002).

23. In 2005, Marsden formed "The Moody Marsden Band", a duo with former "Whitesnake" bassist Neil Murray.

24. "The Moody Marsden Band" released two albums, "Never Turn Our Back on the Blues" (2005) and "Live in Hell: Unplugged" (2007).

25. In addition to his music career, Marsden has written several books about his experiences in the music industry, including "Where's My Guitar?: An Inside Story of British Rock and Roll" (2015).

26. Marsden was awarded the Marshall 50th Anniversary Award for Services to British Music in 2012.

27. Marsden was inducted into the Marshall "Wall of Fame" in 2019, joining other legendary guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page.

28. Marsden has a guitar collection that includes more than 200 different guitars. In June 2023, one of his guitars, an 1959 Gibson Les Paul known as "The Beast" was sold for a fantastic $1.3 million.

29. In 2017 he published his autobiography called "Where's My Guitar".

29. Marsden passed away on August 24, 2013 and he was 72 years old at the time of his death.

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