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Avril Lavigne - Bite Me

The punk-rock girl returns to the style that characterized the beginning of her career with the new single "Bite Me".

Apparently Travis Barker's relationship with one of the Kardashian (don't ask us which one) is good for him because the guy keeps creating and developing creatively and business. In addition to his most notable collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly, he founded a record company called DTA and began producing, writing and creating with many different artists from the world of pop, rock and hip-hop.

Travis and Avril have known each other since 15 years ago when they worked together on the recordings for her third album "The Best Damn Thing" which was released in 2007. The two joined two reinforcement players in the form of producer and writer John Feldmann and rapper Mod Sun and worked together on the next and seventh Avril's album.

Avril who signed on Travis' label and feels it is her new home said the song is an anthem to all those who know what they are worth and what they deserve and do not let other people step on them.

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