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Deborah was born on August 3, 1967, you probably do not understand the connection between the picture and the name, so this is a good reason to get to know her a little more...

1. Her name is Deborah Anne Dyer and she was born to a couple from Jamaica in Brixton, London, England. She adopted the stage name "Skin".

2. When she was 6 years old she moved in with her grandfather who ran a nightclub in his basement. There she was exposed to music that gave her the inspiration and influence to be a musician.

3. In 1994, she co-founded the band "Skunk Anansie" with Martin "Ace" Kent, Richard "Cass" Lewis, and Robbie France. Drummer Ruby was replaced right at the beginning of the road by Mark Richardson.

4. They immediately started performing in various clubs and at the end of that year, within six weeks they started recording their debut album.

5. In 1995 the debut album "Paranoid & Sunburnt" was released. Most of the songs on the album were written by Skin along with Len Arran, an English poet, and musician. The album contained mostly political and anti-religious protest songs which received mixed reviews but the album reached number 8 in the UK. The album released a number of singles, including "Selling Jesus", "Weak" (one of the band's most successful songs), and "Charity".

6. A year later they released their second album "Stoosh". Also on this album, Skin spared no criticism of religion, politics, sex, and violence. A number of singles came out of the album

Among them: "All I Want", "Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)" (another one of the band's biggest hits that brought her an international break), and "Twisted (Everyday Hurts)".

7. In 1999 the band released their third album "Post Orgasmic Chill". On this album, the band changes a bit the style that goes from punk / alternative rock to tougher and rougher ones like hard rock and metal. Singles released from the album: "Secretly", "Lately" and "You'll Follow Me Down".

8. Two years later the band disbanded and Skin embarked on a solo career. She changed her musical style to something softer relative to Skunk and even replaced her famous baldness with hair.

9. A year later she released her first album "Fleshwounds". She co-created the album with her friend Len Arran but because she was not happy with the first version, the album came out in another version.

10. Skin was not particularly pleased with the album cover and on the way changed one song and added another cover. The attempt to take advantage of the band's success in order to leverage her solo career was not really successful, the singles did not get many radio broadcasts and the album was not a success even though in some European countries it did reach the top ten.

11. After the release of the album, she started touring in Europe, in some shows she was the opening act for Robbie Williams and Placebo.

12. In 2006 she released her second album "Fake Chemical State". This time in addition to Aran, Gary Clark, John Blackburn and Ben Christophers are also participating in the writing.

13. In 2009 her friend, Damian Lazarus gave her as a gift a mixer, not a cooking mixer but a music mixer. She fell in love with the instrument and broke into a DJ career under the stage name D-Dyer.

14. She combined in her sets her stage presence and amazing voice, which gave her uniqueness in the world of DJs as she became a household name in London and Los Angeles.

15. In 2009, Skin's band reunited and began a tour called "Greatest Hits", accompanied by a greatest hits album called "Smashes and Trashes".

16. After 11 years, the band released their fourth album "Wonderlustre", preceded mainly by the single "My Ugly Boy". In this album unlike the previous ones, all the band members are co-writing.

17. One of the scariest experiences of Skin's life was a tornado case at the Pukkelpop Festival in Belgium in 2011, during the band's appearance. The mini tornado caused complete chaos as people ran for their lives, 5 people were killed and dozens more injured.

18. In 2012 the band released their fifth album "Black Traffic". This is the band's first album to be released under its independent label.

19. In 2016 the band released their sixth album “Anarchytecture”. On this album, the band changes its style to something a little more melodic and soft while Skin's lyrics also get a certain softness.

20. In recent years the band has gained a strong and deep meaning in the musical landscape of the UK, they continue touring and Skin gets a stage not only for its musical side but also for the political and social side, performing and being interviewed in leading programs to promote its and its members' opinions.

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