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UFO - Lights Out

On May 7, 1977 "UFO" Released their sixth studio album - "Lights Out".

"Lights Out" is considered one of the most important hard rock albums of the era. The album features the classic lineup of Phil Mogg on vocals, Michael Schenker on guitar, Pete Way on bass, Andy Parker on drums. It is the first "UFO" album to feature Paul Raymond on keyboards and rhythm guitar.

The album's opening track, "Too Hot to Handle", sets the tone with its driving rhythm and catchy chorus. Phil Mogg's powerful vocals and Michael Schenker's impressive guitar work are both highlights of the song.

The title track "Lights Out" close the first side of the vinyl, with its iconic opening riff, which has become one of the most recognizable in hard rock history. For example, Michael Sweet, lead singer of "Stryper" addmitted that their song "More Than A Man" came out of "Lights Out" Riff. No doubt, the song's hard-hitting groove and Mogg's emotive vocals make it an instant classic. And if you thought that the album version is a masterpiece, then you have to listen to the live jew dropping from the album "Strangers in the Night".

The second side of the vinyl opens up with "Gettin' Ready", a bluesy riff, and a strong vocal performance from Mogg. The song also showcases the band's tight musicianship and the interplay between Schenker's guitar and Raymond's keyboards.

Immediately after comes "Alone Again Or", a "Love" cover from their classic album "Forever Changes", released in 1967.

The album was UFO's first to feature string arrangements, as Producer Ron Nevison brought in Alan McMillan to handle the string and horn arrangements. One of the song to feature the orchestral addition is the closing track "Love to Love". It's the album's more atmospheric tracks, with its dreamy melody and Mogg's heartfelt vocals. The song's lush instrumentation and beautiful guitar solo from Schenker make it a standout.

Throughout the album, "UFO" combines heavy, riff-driven tracks with more melodic and atmospheric songs, creating a dynamic and cohesive listening experience. The production is excellent, with a clear and dynamic mix that allows each instrument and vocal to shine.

Overall, "Lights Out" is a classic hard rock album that continues to influence generations of musicians. With its powerful riffs, memorable hooks, and top-notch musicianship, it remains a fan favorite and a classic of the genre. Not for nothing "Kerrang!" magazine listed the album at No. 28 among the "100 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time" and Steve Harris named "Love to Love" as his favorite song.

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