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Triosphere - The Road Less Traveled

Written By: Noam Asulin

"Triosphere" is a power metal band, with progressive metal influences and it comes from Norway.

The review tells about their second album "The Road Less Traveled", which was released on May 28, 2010.

"Triosphere" was formed in "Trondheim". Norway in 2004 by singer and bassist Ida Haukland, and guitarist Marius Silver Bergesen. At first, they were defined by the sound of their "heavy metal" but slowly the melodies and "power metal" entered, while incorporating progressive elements. Bergesen is the composer of all the instrumental parts, with Haukland serving as the lyricist and in charge of the vocal melodies.

The band was originally formed as a trio that included Haukland, Bergesen, and drummer Ørjan Aare Jørgensen. They released their first EP "Deadly Decadence" in 2005 and after recording their first album "Onwards", which was released in 2006, they expanded into a quartet with the addition of guitarist Tor Ole Byberg.

The style of "The Road Less Traveled" is different from its predecessor "Onwards" which was released 4 years earlier, and it features a more melodic sound. Vocalist Ida Haukland argues that the album is based on the idea, that even though a certain way we walk is less popular, it can still get us to our goals.

The first track is called "Ignition" and it is actually an intro. In my opinion, the intro is very interesting, as it already includes Crunchy guitars that give a sense of desire to get "more" of this wonderful thing, and this "more" comes in the second track "Driven" which takes us into the "B&B" duo (Bergesen and Byberg) race car. The songs, are mostly very melodic, with a relatively fast tempo and "blast beats" by drummer Ørjan that do not stop for a moment (he is currently no longer in the band).

As befits the genre, there are quite a few solos on this album, and Ida's bass is very bold and prominent in the production and that's not as common as you think. Too often I feel like the bass is lost in the mix and barely noticeable, but here, Ida and Marius (guitars) who are also responsible for the production of the album, take care and give a respectable stage to the bass guitar in the final mix. My feeling is that despite this, there is a balance between all the instruments on the album and everyone gets the place they deserve.

Throughout the album, Ida shows what wonderful vocal abilities she has, with a rough and low voice that only gives us lust for more.

The fifth track "Marionette" is perhaps the best known of the band and the latest track "Echoes" is a quiet instrumental version performed by piano and cello, which combines all the tracks 2 to 10 on the album.

It is interesting to note that the Japanese extended version of the album also includes the song "Lawless", written as a tribute to Blackie Lawless, apparently influenced by the band's joint tour with "W.A.S.P." In the years 2006-2007 as well as a cover of the song "Welcome to the Jungle" originally by "Guns N 'Roses".

The album received very positive reviews and entered the lists of recommended albums of the year, by several magazines and metal sites.

In conclusion, I think this is a well-made Melodic Power Metal album, with wonderful sound, wonderful singing, and production that does not deprive any instrument.

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